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Address: 771 Stephenson Lake Rd., Farwell, Township: Gilmore, County: Isabella
Property Number: 6
Condition: fair
Roof shape: gable
Roof covering: steel: corrugated
Siding: wood: vertical
Painted? yes, red and white
Decoration? yes, "1880-1890"
Features: lightning rod
4 rods
Foundation type: bank
Foundation material: field stone
Condition: altered
Roof shape: gable, shed
shed roofs on additions
Roof covering: asphalt shingle, other
tin on additions
Siding: wood: vertical, white with green trim
Foundation material: field stone
Trailer house:
Condition: good
Roof shape: cross gable
Roof covering: asphalt shingle
Siding: steel
Foundation Type: piers
Foundation Material:
Other Features: two trailer homes put together, forming a T-shaped home