To volunteer, follow these easy steps:

Check to see if the survey has been done in the township and county you wish to survey. County/Township List

Choose the county and township you wish to survey.

Email Survey Coordinator to register for that county and township. (The Coordinator will send you a confirmation)

Download the Michigan Barn and Farmstead Survey Manual.

Download the Survey Form.

Download the Visual Glossary to use in the field.

Begin your survey.

Compile all photos and survey forms. Make a duplicate set for your own organization or local library, museum, or archive.

Send your survey results, including original photographs and survey forms, to the Michigan Barn and Farmstead Survey at the address below.

Send print surveys to:

Michigan Barn and Farmstead Survey
570 Red Cedar Road, #101C
Michigan State University Museum
East Lansing, MI 48824-1045