This survey is intended to document Michigan barns only. Individuals are encouraged to enter information about their barn but they may also enter information about additional barns.

Conducting a barn survey of your area can also be a group project. The survey can be structured to meet the abilities and time of individuals in the group and provide an insight into the agricultural history of your community. It has been done by community historical groups, 4-H/FFA groups, and intergenerational groups with much success.

It is expected that you will be able to use a computer or other device to access and enter data and digital photographs on the Survey Form found on this web site. It is also expected that you will be able to take a picture of the barn being surveyed.

If you own or know a barn that should be documented, please follow these steps:
1st - Check to see if the barn has already been a part of a survey by conducting a search on this web site for the barn.
2nd - Study the Michigan Barn and Farmstead Survey Manual and the Visual Glossary to learn the vocabulary used on the Survey Form. You might want to print the Visual Glossary to take with you while conducting the survey.
3rd - If working with a group or are surveying an area over time, plan your driving routes so duplications don’t happen.
4th - If you are ready to enter information about a barn, click on the Survey Form, enter the information and save it. It will be reviewed by a site coordinator before it is accessible to the public. If you are not able to enter your information in the on-line form, print the form, enter your information, and ask someone else to complete the form on-line.
5th - Please take at least one picture of the barn showing as many details as possible. As many as three additional photos may be uploaded with the form.


For information about conducting a survey you may contact the following people. They are also available to assist with group trainings for conducting a systematic survey of a geographical area.

Steve Stier: stephenstier@gmail.com

Vera Wiltse: vera@wiltse.com